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You May Not Believe Us.

And we understand why you would not because we probably wouldn't believe it either, if someone we did not know told us they could find, qualify and validate top performers. Therefore, we ask you this question: What would it take for us to make you believe we know how to find, qualify, and validate top performers for your organization? Maybe we can answer that question to your satisfaction and maybe we cannot. However, neither of us will ever know if you don't ask? Learn More

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You Probably Get A Lot Of Calls From Recruiters...

...who are not very knowledgable about technology hoping to make a fee by distributing your resume hoping and get lucky. My clients, like yourself, say they chose to do business with me because I differentiate myself by focusing on their needs and objectives, not mine. I also have an engineering degree and many years of experience correctly representing and fitting technical people, like you, to the right role. May I suggest we have a conversation to determine if the search I am currently engaged to fill fits your objectives? Learn More